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34 Gramercy Park East


This bathroom located in an 1880’s Victorian Coop was very complex, involving extensive plumbing reconfiguration, waterproofing, soundproofing, firestopping and fire proofing and substantial structural repair.  You don’t see any of this work in these photos, but it lies just behind the carefully selected finishes.  There is drama in the stone which is book matched, yet, there is a great serenity in the resolution of the juxtaposition of finishes.  Even though the functions of the stall shower, the toilet and the lavatory intrude, the integrity of the simple rectangle is maintained.  The coolness of the stone is balanced by the warmth of the wood.  The lighting and fully accessible glass shower enclosure create a bright sparkle and the floating ceiling is highlighted evenly by the LED cove.  The artwork includes five Raoul Dufy pen sketches and one oil painting “Martini” by Lucien Perona.