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4 Sutton Place

The existing entry of this 1929 Candela building had endured years of modifications that compromised its original elegance, including removal of the original leaded glass transom, application of hardware when original hardware malfunctioned, the addition of Plexiglas to the surface of the window panes to provide insulation, surface-mounted wiring for the canopy and painting of the stone surround. In researching the original drawings, we worked with Flickinger Glassworks to craft a new leaded glass transom with cast lead decorative pieces that recall the original design as well as relate to other interior details. In addition, we were able to remove redundant hardware by restoring the doors’ original hold open function, and we concealed surface mounted wiring that had further compromised the beauty of the entry. New locking mechanisms, knobs and plates and a recessed door bell escutcheon recall the details found on the original and remaining lobby hardware. In addition, we worked with a wood craftsman to restore carved wood friezes at the exterior and interior door heads.