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Beer Sheba

This proposal for a new center for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities is located in Beer Sheba, Israel. Situated in the Northern Negev desert, site conditions and passive strategies to optimize the comfort of habitation are the base strategy of this development. Two outdoor courtyards allow for seasonal usage: a more protected and cooler space to the North and a more exposed “Winter” courtyard to the South.Cooling is the major climatic concern, and Beer Sheba’s wind patterns inform the building layout to allow natural ventilation and cooling in the summer, utilizing the predominant North-Western winds, and protecting the site from the cold winter winds from the East. Each care unit has a wind tower, allowing for a healthy and pleasant indoor climate using passive strategies.

The roofs along the East and West facades slope up to optimize shading in the summer and to allow sun into the units during the winter months. A series of covered pathways allow for shaded and protected outdoor space. Planting and water features in the Northern courtyard enhance natural cooling carrying cooler air from the North during the summer months.