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One Lincoln Plaza


With a newly renovated Lobby and Entry it was our goal to create a strong sense of continuity from the point of entry up through the hallways. Of the three options we designed for the building, the board selected one and a complete mockup of that design was built on one floor for the sharehold¬ers to review. Our design elaborated on the timeless travertine finishes, elegant detailing from the lobby and infused a lightness and sparkle. We brightened the space by incorporating large mirrors within the travertine panelization. We created a new tray ceiling with gold leaf paper and selected LED light fixtures that both support the design and save energy. We installed a new travertine floor with a custom inset wool blend carpet that recalls a detail in the lobby windows. We continued the travertine base, carpet and light fixtures from the elevator vestibule through the halls and covered the walls in beautiful and durable woven wallcovering. The completed mockup speaks for itself and fuses perfectly with new Lobby’s aesthetic.