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Pawling House

Overlooking the Berkshire Valley, this 1950s ranch hugged the topography but was ready for a makeover. The gut renovation preserved the outer shell and structure, while exploiting panoramic views with a second story addition. The once compartmentalized interior was opened to unending vistas. A new kitchen and breakfast area access a new deck; a new office leads to a screened porch, and the living room with a raised ceiling and new fireplace preserves the framed views from the front through the back of the house. A spiral stair, one of the few vertical elements within the mostly horizontal design vocabulary, leads to the new Master bedroom overlook and to the lower level that was converted to a guest suite with access to grade. The Master Bedroom shares this most prominent view of the valley with an office suite that leads to two decks; one with a shower. A new dual-fuel heating system was installed in order to accommodate the flexibility of this second home and to be responsive to energy concerns.