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The Industrial Art Center


The Industrial Art Center (IAC) in Cincinnati is intended to establish new forms of spatial relations between working and living combining residences and spaces for contemporary small manufacturing.  The site marks the topographical border of the flat city grid of Downtown and the steep hills along the valley. A tram way is in planning to connecting Downtown to the northern extends of the Brewery District. We propose to extend this new public infrastructure with a cable car system allowing easy access to Bellevue Park and further to the University Campus, reactivating the historic Bellevue Incline with contemporary means. This added program is a logical addition to the city infrastructure and will allow a spatial and programmatic linkage of the IAC to the University and the city. Incubator spaces adjacent to academic environments expand upon the traditional role of academic research and open up links to the marketplace. The IAC may thus provide a link between advanced academic research and the business community in downtown Cincinnati. The building is organized on three levels with workshops, exhibition and event spaces on street level, a roof deck which is accessible through a landscaped park with the cable car station and a café/restaurant and biergarten. On the top floor residential units are set on a 90 degree angle connecting uphill to the existing park.